Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Fakapaheke (Sliding) retelling by Marilyn

   On one sunny day, Alo and his brother and their parents went to the park. When they got there Alo was fiefia 'aupito (very excited) asking his dad if he could go on the slide. He was excited to show his Dad that he could go on the slide without anyone's help and his Dad said "ok but be careful." Alo lifted himself up from the wheelchair and onto the slide, his fa'ee (mum)and tamai(dad) were watching him pushing himself up the slide then coming downward head down the slide with a huge smile on his face. Again, Alo pushed himself onto the slide and went down he got back on the slide and laid on his belly so he wanted dad's help so he could turn onto his back he asked for dad's help and dad came and turned him onto his back. He went down again and again landed on his back. Dad was very impressed when Alo went down the slide and Alo was very proud of himself. His brother climbed up the slide and went down with his brother on the slide. Alo was excited that Dad had a day off to come with him to the park.

Monday, 22 March 2021

Book report by Sosaia

Sosaia and Mum's great discussion about the book report. Sosaia was reading a Tongan story about Tokoua. Sosaia is employing translanguaging strategy to support his learning. He was reading a story Tongan and complete the writing in English.
Mālō e ngāue lahi!


Activating student's prior knowledge about questions