Monday, 7 September 2015

Introduction in Tongan - Auckland

Malo e lelei!
Ko hoku hingoa ko Auckland.
Ko hoku tau 7 eni.
‘Oku ou nofo ‘i Panmure.
Ko ‘eku ongo matu’a Litia mo  Taia.
‘Oku ou ako ‘i he Tamaki Primary.


  1. Hi Room 4,
    I like the way you write a story in togan

  2. Hi Auckland
    I like how you the sentence's in tonga so to make the writing look interesting and on your blog, I wish I want to write something in tonga too.

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  4. Hi Auckland
    i like the way you said what your name ,how old are you ,where you live,i think who is your mum and dad and your school in tongan.It really good because you samoan and not tongan

  5. Hi Auckland,
    I like the way you write this story in tongan I know you are soman but great work Keep it up.

  6. Hi Room 4.
    I like your way for how you your's name,how old,where live.
    This is very cool and good!