Thursday, 10 September 2015

Highway Rat - Hiria

    The Highway Rat
The highway Rat is a mean and ugly beast. He loves taking people’s food and he quickly rode off with it. One day he came back and got a white rabbit hopping along with her sack. The rabbit stopped because the Highway Rat blocked her way and quickly snatched the rabbit’s flowers off her. He never said please or thank you.
The Highway Rat stole the travellers food because he was poor and hungry. He took their food or anything that they had. He thought he was the boss of everyone.  He was rude and never share the food.  The Highway Rat would sat down and greedily ate all the food until his tummy is fat. When people doesn’t have food he cried  loudly. He had sharp yellow teeth and he was a rough mean and greedy one.
WALT write a descriptive story using action words and some adverbs.


  1. Hi Room 4,
    I like the way you used heaps of describing words to make your story more interesting.
    Keep it up!

  2. Hey Room 4
    I really love the way how you wrote The Highway Rat I really love your story!!!
    Keep It Up!!

  3. Very interesting story lots of describing words to keep the reader engaged and interested till the end.
    Keep up the great work Hiria

  4. Hi Hiria,
    I like the way you chose this book because it is very interesting.
    I also like the way you wrote all of that.

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  7. Well,Room 4,I really love the this interesting story,I in the my old school already read this story .Keep it up!!!