Sunday, 7 June 2015

WALT retell the myth and used connectives to sequence our ideas.
How Maui brought fire to Tonga

Once there was three Maui’s,Maui Kisikisi the grandson,Maui Atalanga the dad and Maui Motua the grandfather.Maui motua lived in the spirit world called Pulotu, Maui Kisikisi and Maui Atalanga lived in Tonga.
Each day Maui ‘Atalanga got up early at dawn and leave. Maui Kisikisi was left at home but he was still happy because he loved doing nothing. He played, eat and sleep. One day, he wanted to find out where his dad went.
The next day Maui Kisikisi woke up early to find out where his dad went everyday. He tiptoed out the door and followed him. He saw his father moved the tree aside and went inside a hole. He waited and waited then decided to follow.
Few minutes later he saw his father Maui Atalanga working hard in the plantation. His father saw him and said “go get some fire from your grandfather.”
So he went but Maui Kisikisi kept on tipping the embers in the water.
Then he had to go back and asked for another fire. He tricked his grandfather Maui Motu’a and took the big log of fire and went with it.
His father was not happy and went back to see his father because he knew Maui kisikisi might have done something to get such big log of fire.
While he went Maui Kisikisi wrapped the fire with the cloth and ran with it to Tonga.


  1. Wow
    I Like the way you made it speasefek
    I like they way you told the three Maui's instead of just saying the three Maui's

  2. HI Guys

    I like how you made your writing absolutely colourful and I like how use paragraphs in your writing and to describe how did maui brought fire to Tonga.

    Well done

  3. WOW
    HI Room 4 I Love That you re-written the story How Maui brought Fire to Tonga.
    I Like you Put Lovely Colours In the Text.
    I want you to know that you guys will make great writers.
    Keep It UP :>

  4. WOW
    HI buddy class I really Love That you re-written the story How Maui brought Fire to Tonga.
    I love the way how you guys chose bright colours for the text ( My Favourite Colour).
    Keep It UP