Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Compare and contrast - Falakika

WALT use graphic organizer to record information about a myth.
Sc: I can choose the appropriate graphic organiser to record information.
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With this activity I was able to identify the differences and similarities between the characters and the myths. I really enjoyed reading the myths from two different countries but they both got the same ideas.


  1. WOW Room 4 I really love your guys Venn Diagram, this is very thoughtful but maybe next time you should make the text bigger so when people are reading it they can see, but keep up the outstanding work.

  2. Dear Falakika,
    I like the way you put in heaps of information to make your venn diagram more interesting.
    Keep it up.

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  3. Hi Kika congrats with your Venn Diagram and well done for putting in a lot of information into your Venn Diagram keep on going.

  4. Hi falakika like the informations to make the story intersting but love it keep it up